Before Spending Hundreds Replacing Carpet Trying To Eliminate Pet Smells and Stains, You Gotta Try This…

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Pee Accidents Can Make Your Life Miserable…

If you’ve got a pet who has frequent accidents, you know what a nightmare it is.

Pee on the hardwood floors, vomit on the carpeted stairs, poop on the couch…YUCK! And the cleanup isn’t even the worst part. It’s the fact that the stains and smells never seem to actually go away!

You could pay a professional hundreds of dollars to clean your carpets and furniture for you. 

But it’s expensive and time-consuming. Not to mention, the cleaner they use is often filled with tons of toxins and chemicals…

You can try enzyme spray. But it usually leads to one of two problems:

  1. It’s slow and requires a lot of scrubbing, but the stains never fully disappear
  2. It only masks the smell, leaving you with lingering odors 

There's GOT to be a better way!

You Might as Well Light a Pee-Scented Candle & Embrace Brown Tie-Dye Carpet

Your old dog's bladder control isn’t going to get better. 

Your finicky cat’s not going to stop puking up hairballs and food. 

And those rebellion poops and spraying to mark their territory? That’s not going anywhere either.

You should just lean into a decor style that admits the “pets run this place.”

Because those pets are only getting older, more finicky, and more territorial.

But what if you could find a spray that actually removes stains and odors? And that does it all without toxic chemicals or enzymes?

That’s where The PeeBuster comes in…

Try This Before You Replace Your Flooring (or Waste Your Money on Another Worthless Cleaner)

The PeeBuster’s amazing price makes it the most budget friendly way to remove pet stains and odors for good.

Thanks to the non-toxic, enzyme free formula, it's also safe for pets and humans too!

This Stain- and Odor-Removing Solution is How Pet Parents Make Their Homes Fit For Humans

Imagine spraying The PeeBuster on the stinky, stained couch you try to relax on.

Within a few hours your couch is actually a clean, relaxing place again! 


This spray has been hard to keep on the shelves because it’s so popular.

We suggest you check availability right away, before it gets backordered again.

So How Does The PeeBuster Work?

The PeeBuster’s secret is in its Scent Shield Technology.

It penetrates any surface, breaking down stains and odors at the source.

It does this by wrapping itself around the stain and odor molecules and destroying them.

So while other sprays just mask the smell, The PeeBuster erases the stains and odors for good. 

The PeeBuster is Super Easy to Use

So if you want to finally live in a clean, fresh-smelling, sanitary home…

And stop feeling embarrassed about pet messes…

And stop wasting money on new carpets or professional cleaning…

Then all you have to do is spray The PeeBuster on the stained surface.

No, really. 

You just spray The PeeBuster on the dirty spot. You don’t even have to scrub.

By the time it dries, both the stain and odor are completely gone!

The PeeBuster works on smells and stains from pet vomit, pee, poop, and many more messes (both human and animal).

Does The PeeBuster ACTUALLY Get Rid of Smells and Stains?

Here’s some outstanding feedback we’ve received from happy customers:

“I recently moved into a new apartment which was amazing except for this really nasty odor/stain coming from the closet. I missed it during the walkthrough so I used carpet cleaner 3 times and the stain and stench were still there! I ordered this and within 24 hours of using it they were both gone and I finally had a place I was happy to live in.”

- Mario H. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“I typically have tried enzyme based cleaners for dog/cat stains (I have one of each) but it was not working at all for some pee on my wood floor that absolutely reeked. I applied Peebuster and by the morning the smell was completely gone. I even put my face straight to the floor to check and it was all clear. Very happy with it.”

- Veronica G. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I love my new golden retriever but I never knew that they tend to get a funky smell no matter how clean their are. The Peebuster is seriously the BEST! I’m a clean fanatic and I woke up to a stinky living-room. Ruined my day before it started. Took the room apart and cleaned everything from top to bottom but realized that if I planned on keeping my new puppy, I needed a different solution. Giving this 75 pound puppy a bath every week is not happening or good for his skin. Currently 8 month old pup is 90 pounds. Read great reviews about Peebuster and had this delivered within 2 hours. What a miracle! It doesn’t mix with the dog smell, it gets rid of it! Your room smells clean! I will never let myself run out of this. I spray it on the area rug, dog bed and couch cover. Give it a chance, you too will love it!"

- Sonny B. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Why We Love The PeeBuster (and Why You Should Too)


Non-Toxic & Safe
Hands-Free, No Scrubbing
Works Fast
Scent Shield Technology

The PeeBuster is super versatile and is safe for all sorts of surfaces throughout your house and car:

  • Carpets and area rugs
  • Linoleum, tile, and other flooring
  • Hardwood floors and wooden furniture
  • Concrete – for those yucky spots on your patio
  • Patio furniture and deck boards
  • Couches, chairs, mattresses, and pillows (even for kid accidents!)
  • Upholstered office furniture
  • Car seats and carpeted floors
  • Baby car seats and strollers
  • Pet strollers and mobility devices
  • Bath mats, curtains, and towels

It works on everything from a white rug to a dark hardwood floor, eliminating the pee smell that’s funking up the place.

BOTTOM LINE: if you’re tired of living in a stinky, dirty home…and you want to have the freedom to easily clean up pet messes at the drop of a hat…

Then you should give The PeeBuster a shot!

How Can You Try The PeeBuster?

The best deal on The PeeBuster is only available online at their official website. It can’t be found on Amazon or in stores.

You’ve seen the amazing results that pet parents everywhere are getting with The PeeBuster.

So to get some for your household, just:

  1. Go to the official The PeeBuster Website and place your order
  2. Enjoy relaxing in a clean, sanitary, stink-free home that you can be proud of
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Customer Reviews

This is among some of the best pet cleaner I've come across. It quickly get rid of stains, and odors without any toxic chemicals!

Amanda Miller
Sioux, SD

I tried this out for just one day and by the end I was in love. I ordered another four more.

David Beoff
Dallas, TX

I hardly ever cleaned up after my cats (call me lazy, I know I am). Thankfully, this came along and saved me from myself by making cleaning urine an absolute breeze!

Rachel Walters
Palm Beach, FL

This came highly recommended to me by a friend for my senior dog, so glad I gave it a try!

Cindy Joseph
Buffalo, NY
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